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The Story Behind Us

AgSalt Processing, LLC, was founded in 1989 by a small dairy farmer, Merle Herr. Located near Hanover, PA, which is known for its snack factories, Merle began collecting the waste pretzel salt. This not only kept the salt out of the landfills, but also created a source of quality feed mixing salt. Once he developed a system to recycle this waste salt, Merle was able to begin marketing it to feed mills.

After a few years, AgSalt expanded into producing a higher quality feed salt by using salt from evaporated ocean water. This included adding new technology that enabled a dry, flowable, perfectly sized product to be achieved. However, the team knew they were capable of doing more.

Then, in 2013, AgSalt introduced TruMelt™, our line of honestly labeled ice melt products. Since then, our product lines have continued to grow. Not only do they include seven TruMelt™ products, but also many new agricultural products. Mineral salt, bagged feed salt, and sodium bicarb are among our ever-growing line of agricultural feed supplements.

Honesty, quality and performance will always stay at the forefront of our mission as we continue to expand out product lines.

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