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TruMelt™ Defender™ PLUS

TruMelt Defender PLUS bagged Ice Melt Blend

Recommended Uses

Residential Sidewalks and Steps

  • Melts to 0°F
  • Free Flowing
  • Convenient 25 lb packages
  • Safer for pets, plants, and concrete
DetailsTruMelt™ Defender
Concrete Safe
Paver Safe
Free Flowing
Plant Safe
Pet Safe

TruMelt™ Defender Plus

TruMelt™ Defender PLUS is a premium ice melt designed to protect the environment, concrete, and pets. By using a high purity salt enhanced with liquid magnesium chloride, TruMelt™ Defender PLUS enabling the salt to begin the melting process. With an even coating of magnesium on the salt crystals, Defender PLUS can penetrate ice effectively, rapidly creating a brine and melting ice to a temperature of 0°F. Defender PLUS is very efficient, maintaining performance for extended periods of time. However, for faster performance try using  TruMelt™ 10%, or  TruMelt™ 20%.

TruMelt™ Defender PLUS uses a solar salt produced from ocean water along with magnesium sourced from natural water sources. This helps prevent contamination often caused by harsh chemicals in water run-off. TruMelt™ Defender PLUS is safe for pets and plants and will not burn paws or vegetation when used as directed.

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