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Manufacturer of premium ice melt blends and feed mixing products, packaged in Gettysburg, PA

TruMelt Ice Melt Blends

Premium Ice Melt Products

TruMelt™ Ice Melt

Honestly labeled, premium ice melters

  • Full Disclosure Label
  • Clean and Non Tracking
  • Screened for Optimal Performance
  • Free Flowing
Everflow Logo

Everflow Feed Supplements

Supplements formulated for optimal animal health

  • Free Flowing
  • Screened Particles
  • Pure Solar Salt
  • No Flowing Agents

Bulk Salt

Economical ice melters for larger applications

  • Evermelt
  • GTS
  • Chilean

Our Dealer Business Model

AgSalt seeks to partner with dealers in achieving mutual goals. This partnering is designed to increase profitability for both companies by aligning company values, training, salesmen, and ensuring product availability.

Articles from AgSalt Processing, LLC

Semi Loaded With TruMelt

AgSalt’s Reliability

Reliability. As one of our core values, Reliability has always been important to us, but has really stood out in the last few weeks. This winter has been one of…

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How Does Ice Melt Work?

Have you ever wondered how an ice melt works or what makes salt melt ice? Well, let’s start with some basic chemistry on the composition of water and what causes…

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AgSalt’s Dealer Commitment

Our Vision: AgSalt is committed to working alongside our dealers to achieve mutual goals. Our goal is to increase our dealers profitability by providing product/sales training and ensuring product availability.…

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