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Free-flowing solar salt with 20% magnesium pellets, melts to -12°F

Free-flowing solar salt with 12% calcium flakes, melts to -20°F

Free-flowing solar salt with 10% magnesium pellets, melts to -10°F

Free-flowing solar salt with 3% magnesium pellets, melts to 0°F

TruMelt Defender PLUS bagged Ice Melt

Free-flowing solar salt enhanced with liquid magnesium chloride, melts to 0°F

Encapsulated Bag

Free-flowing solar salt pre-treated with liquid brine, melts to 0°F

Halite bag

Free-flowing, non-tracking solar salt, melts to 5°F

TruMelt™ is a full disclosure label and has the highest performance ingredients, guaranteeing a TRUE melt.

Know what is in the bag before you buy. While most ice melt products are often sold without full disclosure of melting ingredients, TruMelt™ discloses the exact percentage of blended magnesium or calcium used in the blend.

It is important that you know exactly what you are buying. We are honest about our formula because we are very proud of it. We do not hide the ingredient inclusion rates or use false marketing claims to fool the customer into buying low-grade or lesser quality products. Instead we educate on the real performance of ice melters.

TruMelt™ is fully dried, carefully screened, and sized for optimal melting and accurate coverage. This removes the fine particles and large crystals to avoid dusting, clumping, or clogging spreaders. We guarantee the crystals will be no larger than ¼ inch in diameter. TruMelt™ is tinted with a non-staining, organic, biodegradable green colorant to enhance application visibility.

The Science Behind TruMelt™

TruMelt™ blends combine two proven ice melting components—oven-dried solar salt and magnesium chloride pellets or calcium chloride flakes.

Salt is a relatively weak ice melter, needing sun or friction to effectively melt at temperatures below 10°F. Due to their high dissolving rates, magnesium and calcium are more effective ice melters, melting to extreme temperatures, -15°F and -25°F respectively. However, their high dissolving rates also mean they don’t last very long in a snow storm.

When salt is combined with magnesium or calcium, the salt becomes more effective while also causing the magnesium and calcium to last longer. This is safer than applying just salt while at the same time more efficient and cost friendly than applying straight magnesium or calcium.

TruMelt™ has this concept mastered. By adding a premium salt to magnesium and calcium, TruMelt™ enables the products to last longer while balancing the effectiveness of magnesium and calcium with the efficiency of salt.

DetailsTruMelt™ HaliteTruMelt™ EncapsulatedTruMelt™ DefenderTruMelt™ 3% MagnesiumTruMelt™ 10% MagnesiumTruMelt™ 12% CalciumTruMelt™ 20% Magnesium
Concrete Safe2222354
Paver Safe2222354
Free Flowing5555555
Plant Safe2333425
Pet Safe2333415
TruMelt™ Halite bagTruMelt™ Encapsulated bagTruMelt™ Defender™ PLUS  bagTruMelt™ 3% Magnesium bag
DetailsTruMelt™ HaliteTruMelt™ EncapsulatedTruMelt™ DefenderTruMelt™ 3% Magnesium
Concrete Safe2222
Paver Safe2222
Free Flowing5555
Plant Safe2333
Pet Safe2333
TruMelt™ 12% Calcium bagTruMelt™ 20% Magnesium bag
DetailsTruMelt™ 10% MagnesiumTruMelt™ 12% CalciumTruMelt™ 20% Magnesium
Concrete Safe354
Paver Safe354
Free Flowing555
Plant Safe425
Pet Safe415

TruMelt™ is truth in ice melt.”

made in Gettysburg PA
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