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Bulk Salt

AgSalt Processing offers a variety of delivered bulk rock salt options for your commercial ice melting needs. Tarp equipped tri-axles keep your salt product protected from inclement weather. With a 1-2 day guaranteed delivery directly to the job site, you can rest easy knowing you will be able to keep your commitments to your customers. For total packaged ice melt solutions, check out our TruMelt™ Ice Melt line-up.


Solar salt is available in both raw form and oven dried form (Evermelt). Raw solar salt is the more economical ice melt option of the two. With a small amount of chloride brine added to prevent dusting, dried Evermelt is a clump free solution for commercial ice melt needs. Evermelt is also available in 2,500 lb. tote bags.

Chilean Rock Salt

Chilean rock salt, produced from underground salt deposits in Chile, is our most economical option for bulk ice melt.  However, below 15°F, it is not as effective as Evermelt or GTS.

GTS (Green Treated Salt)

GTS is a green-colored, liquid magnesium-treated salt designed for winter road maintenance. Since the salt is treated with magnesium, it is a fast-acting road deicer meant to melt ice even in harsh conditions.

Check out this article for the difference between rock salt and solar salt.

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