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Our Team

Our team at AgSalt Processing values quality and personal service. Together, with our many areas of expertise, we work hard to make your experience smooth. From the friendliness of the first sales call, to ensuring a quality product is delivered on time, our team of experienced employees take pride in knowing they are among the best at what they do.

Merle Herr

Team member since 1997

Merle founded AgSalt Processing LLC. He is a visionary entrepreneur with a servant heart who is passionate about training others to serve rather than to be served.

Doug Fuhrman

Team member since 2010

Doug is driven to push employees to become their best in a team-oriented atmosphere. He has an eye for quality, cleanliness, and order.

Dalen Grove

Team member since 2008

Dalen loves a new challenge and takes on everything with a can-do attitude. He is always thinking of new and innovative products and ways for the company to grow. Dalen is very competitive and loves a challenge, especially in a good round of golf.

Amy Herr

Team member since 1997

Amy has an incredible intuition that brings a sense of balance to the team. She is meticulous in her bookkeeping and wordsmithing.

Sales Team

Justin Hess

Team member since 2015

Justin is competent in mathematics and chemistry. Having worked in many levels of the company, he brings experiential knowledge to the sales team. He loves exploring the great outdoors as well as traveling abroad and experiencing other cultures.


Stephanie Diller

Team member since 2019

A friendly face at the front desk, Stephanie brings cheer to everyone she meets. She has 11 years of experience in bookkeeping and is currently meeting the needs of AgSalt's transportation logistics.

Rodella Brown

Team member since 2019

Rodella brings her eye for accuracy and detail to our accounting and data entry department. She is very relational and caring towards everyone she meets.


Derek Diller

Team member since 2017

Derek’s friendly personality is a refreshing experience for our customers. His love for trucking is evident in his on-time delivery and impressive presentation of his truck.

Dan Stec

Team member since 2018

Dan is hard working and has a positive attitude with an infectious laugh. Dan’s love for people translates into a positive experience for our customers.

Paul Hertzler

Team member since 1999

Paul has many talents and gifts that are essential to keeping AgSalt running smoothly. His mechanical, design, fabricating, and trucking expertise are invaluable to our company.


Dallas Fuhrman

Team member since 2014

Dallas brings a can-do presence to the AgSalt team. His background in customer service and systems helps the Production Team run smoothly. He oversees the daily production of inventory and also helps out with marketing.

Darren Grove

Team member since 2014

Darren has worked in all areas of the plant and has extensive knowledge in mechanical repairs. He does an excellent job as our Electrical and Mechanical Technician and keeps the plant running smoothly. He has a quiet, confident presence that is enjoyed by all.

Clayton Miller

Team member since 2015

A creative innovator and designer, Clayton loves designing and manufacturing specialty parts and equipment modifications. He also has the ability to find the best deal and hard to find parts. His quick-witted humor helps keep everyone in good spirits.

Adam Horst

Team member since 2018

Steady, neat, organized, on time: these are just a few words that describe Adam. He keeps our bagging and load-out process on schedule. Truckers love his attention to detail and for respecting their equipment, especially their trailers during loading.

Justin Miller

Team member since 2018

Justin is hardworking and does his job well every time. He keeps the skid wrapping process running smoothly and efficiently. Justin also enjoys keeping our fleet of trucks clean. His endless source of energy often finds him laughing and singing, bringing a smile to many.


Bethany Fuhrman

Team member since 2019

As Bethany works her way through college, she keeps our facility sparkling clean. Bethany has a love for people and culture. It has been said Bethany has two groups of people: "friends" and "friends she hasn’t met yet".

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