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Calcium Chloride Pellets

Recommended Uses

Extreme cold and harsh weather for melting through thick ice build-up

Ultra fast-acting ice melting power

Blending with sodium chloride for longer lasting ice melting power

  • Melts to -25°F
  • Fastest-acting ice melter
  • Safe for concrete

Calcium Chloride Pellets

Calcium chloride attracts and absorbs moisture, generating heat instantly on contact, which creates a brine that melts ice down to -25°F. Pure calcium chloride is the fastest acting deicer on the market.

While it not efficient on its own, calcium can be very beneficial when blended with sodium chloride, allowing the calcium to maintain its melting power for longer periods of time.

For more cost-effective blends of sodium chloride and calcium chloride, try using TruMelt™ 12%.

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