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Everflow Sodium Bicarbonate

Recommended Uses

Feed Supplement for Better Rumen Health

To Aid in Digestion for Ruminent Animals

Help Produce Higher Quality Egg Shells

  • High Purity
  • All-Naturally Mined and Produced
  • Screened Fine, Allowing for Quick Absorption
  • OMRI Listed

Everflow Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, is a feed supplement for ruminant animals and is essential for stabilizing the rumen pH. A healthy rumen environment is necessary for maximal milk production and digestive health. Since a diet relying only on grains and feeds can greatly lower the rumen balance, having a quality source of bicarb in their diet is important. Adding Everflow Bicarb to their diet will allow ruminant animals to maintain the proper rumen pH, aiding in the animals digestion and overall health.

Poultry also benefit by a diet containing bicarb. Sodium bicarbonate helps maintains the electrolyte balance of the birds, increasing weight gain and reducing water intake. Supplementing Everflow Bicarb into a poultry diet will also help produce better shell quality. Sodium bicarbonate can be highly beneficial for broilers and laying hens due to bicarb being another source of sodium. This can help to create drier litter and a healthier living environment.

Available in 50 lb bags, 56 bags per pallet

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