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Everflow Mineral Salt

Trace Mineral

Recommended Uses

Free-Choice Feed Supplement for Grazing Livestock

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Fat(Min)0.01%
Ether Extract(Min)0.01%
Dry Matter(Min)99.81%
Manganese(Min)2,513 ppm
Zinc(Min)8,244 ppm
Copper(Min)751 ppm
Cobalt(Min)69.0 ppm
Iodine(Min)78.8 ppm
  • 10+ Essential Minerals
  • All-Natural
  •  Includes Diatomaceous Earth
  • Free-Flowing

Everflow Mineral Salt

Everflow Mineral Salt contains a blend of essential minerals that are as pure and natural as nature itself. With added diatomaceous earth (DE) as an all-natural flowing agent Everflow Mineral Salt is clump-free for easy mixing and feeding. DE also contributes to the nutritional value of the mineral, including aiding with digestive track cleaning and health. Using a high-quality, solar evaporated ocean salt as a natural metering agent to preventing the animal from overeating, Everflow Mineral Salt is ideal for free-choice feeding.

Trace minerals are required to maintain proper body function, optimize reproduction, and strengthen the immune system in livestock. Being especially beneficial for grass-fed animals, Everflow Mineral Salt provides the essential nutrients that livestock cannot get through grazing. With over 10 important minerals, Everflow Mineral Salt provides a source of daily nutrition necessary for proper growth and health, the natural way.


AgSalt Processing LLC also offers Everflow Trace Mineral Salt (SE90), a trace mineral feed additive with added selenium.

Available in 50 lb bags, 56 bags per pallet

Mineral Function and Deficiency

MineralTrace Mineral FunctionTrace Mineral Deficiency
Zinc (Zn)Protein Production
Vitamin A Utilization
Immune System
Abnormal skin and hooves
Bone and joint problems
Poor wound healing
Manganese (Mn)Bone and Cartilage Production
Enzyme Systems
Abnormal bones and joint development
Abnormalities in skin, hair, and hooves
Reproduction challenges
Copper (Cu)Collagen Production and Maintenance
Red Blood Cell Development
Tendon and ligament problems
Poor coat color
Early embryonic losses
Cobalt (Co)Vitamin B12 Production
Overall Health and Energy
Red Blood Cell Production
Low Vitamin B12 levels
Poor Growth
Low body condition
Iron (Fe)Transport of Oxygen
Loss of Appetite
Results in Anemia
Selenium (Se)Production of Antioxidants
Proper Thyroid Hormone Metabolism
Immune Response
Muscular cramping
Poor stress tolerance
Impaired immunity
Iodine (I)Thyroid Hormone Production
Proper Body Temperature
Enlarged thyroid gland; goiter
Hair loss and dry scaly skin
Calcium (Ca)Bone Development and Maintenance
Muscle Health and Function
Muscle Failure
Failure to Maintain Body Temperature
Magnesium (Mg)Improved Food Digestion
Calcium Utilization
muscle Spasms and Convulsions
Grass Tetany
Poor Development
Potassium (K)Cell Health and Function
Electrolyte Balance
Growth and Development
Muscular Weakness
Decreased Appetite
Sodium (Na)Blood Health and Pressure
Weight Loss
Decreased Milk Production
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