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Everflow Feed Mixing Salt

Everflow Feed Mixing Salt

Recommended Uses

All-Natural Feed Additive for Grazing Livestock and Poultry

Chemical Analysis

Sodium Chloride99.0-99.6%
Calcium & Magnesium (as Ca)0.11-0.20%
Sulfate (as SO4)0.20-0.066%
Water Insolubles0.17%

Sieve Analysis

Wire/InchPercentage Retained
11 Sieve0%
20 Sieve45-60%
30 Sieve10-20%
50 Sieve10-20%
  • Free Flowing
  • Screened Particles
  • All-Natural Solar Salt
  • No Flowing Agents

Everflow Feed Mixing Salt

Everflow Feed Mixing Salt is a sodium chloride salt formed by solar evaporation. This high-quality salt is washed, dried, and screened into a highly flowable product for mixing in animal feed. Once dried to a low moisture level of .03% or lower, it is processed with proprietary methods to enhance flowability. Everflow is packaged in a manner to avoid moisture absorption, allowing it to remain free-flowing and clump free.

Not only has Everflow proven itself to be the most flowable salt in the feed industry, but is approved for organic use. Animals need to have sodium in their diets for the central nervous system to function properly. Cattle also need the sodium from salt for milk production. Signs of sodium deficiency may include a loss of appetite and weight as well as consumption of dirt, rocks, and other non-typical substances. Since plants do not provide enough sodium or chloride, it is critical to add a source of salt to the animal’s diet. Everflow Feed Mixing Salt can be mixed with the animal feed or be fed as a free choice supplement.

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