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Semi Loaded With TruMelt

AgSalt’s Reliability

Reliability. As one of our core values, Reliability has always been important to us, but has really stood out in the last few weeks. This winter has been one of excessive snowfall and next month's forecast is showing even more winter weather. Having caught everyone off guard, this weather has made keeping adequate ice melt inventory for our dealers a…

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How Does Ice Melt Work?

Have you ever wondered how an ice melt works or what makes salt melt ice? Well, let’s start with some basic chemistry on the composition of water and what causes it to freeze and thaw in the first place. Water Water Molecule               H2O, water, or dihydrogen monoxide, is a molecule composed of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms.…

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AgSalt’s Dealer Commitment

Our Vision: AgSalt is committed to working alongside our dealers to achieve mutual goals. Our goal is to increase our dealers profitability by providing product/sales training and ensuring product availability. Who We Are: No one wins without committed relationships. AgSalt is a family-owned business that is governed by Christian values. With the Golden Rule as a core pillar of our…

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Ice Busters: The Power of TruMelt Salt Blends

Ice melt blends are rapidly becoming a growing segment of the ice melt market. But is there really more power in a salt blend? Why should you use a salt blend? And what makes a blend more powerful or effective than just using a straight ingredient like salt or calcium? Well, first, lets break it down and look at the…

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