Trucking Flatbed Ready To Load At AgSalt

AgSalt’s Dealer Commitment

Our Vision: AgSalt is committed to working along side our dealers to achieve mutual goals. Our goal is to increase our dealers profitability by providing product/sales training and ensuring product availability. Who We Are: No one wins without committed relationships. AgSalt is a family-owned business that is governed by Christian values. With the Golden Rule as a core pillar of…

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Ice Busters: The Power Behind Salt Blends

Magnesium Magnesium chloride is greatly hydroscopic, meaning that water is attracted to it. Also, magnesium dissolving into water is an exothermic reaction, causing it to generate heat instantly on contact with ice and snow. This allows it to quickly start melting and dissolve into a brine. This powerful brine can melt effectively down to -15°F. Magnesium is also a relatively…

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