Comparison of TruMelt Ice Melt Blends

Performance Feature TruMelt Halite
50 lb Bag
TruMelt 3%
50 lb Bag
TruMelt 10%
50 lb Bag
TruMelt 12%
50 lb Bag
TruMelt 20%
50 lb Bag
  Trumelt Halite 50 pound bag Trumelt 3% 50 pound bag Trumelt 10% 50 pound bag Trumelt 12% 50 pound bag Trumelt 20% 50 pound bag
Melting Performance 5° F 0°F -10°F -20°F -12°F
Concrete Protection Fair Fair Good Better Best
Slip and Fall Safety Fair Fair Good Best Better
Free Flowing Best Best Best Best Best
User, Turf, and Pet Friendly Good Good Better Fair Best
Clean and Non-tracking Great Good Better Good Best
Active Ingredient Sodium Chloride Magnesium Pellet Magnesium Pellet Calcium Flake Magnesium Pellet

Value That Delivers

Full Ingredient Disclosure

The ingredients of our top-quality TruMelt blend are fully disclosed. We don’t hide the ingredient inclusion rates or use false marketing claims to fool the customer into buying low-grade or lesser quality products. Instead, we educate on the real performance of ice melters.

Purer Product

TruMelt’s base ingredient is solar salt with 99% purity. This greatly reduces tracking because there is no dirty rock salt. TruMelt includes only the best quality magnesium pellets and calcium flakes.

Free Flowing

For better flowing efficiency, TruMelt is thoroughly dried, screened, and sized. This removes fine particles and large crystals to avoid dusting, clumping, or clogging spreaders. A flowing agent is also added to avoid clumping. Because it is clump-free, TruMelt is easy and efficient to apply.

Blended and Packaged in the USA