Rock Salt

Rock Salt

Recommended Use:

  • Parking lots
  • Roads and highways
Melting Performance 20°F
Concrete Protection Fair
Slip & Fall Safety Fair
Free Flowing Fair
User, Turf, & Pet Friendly Good
Clean & Non-tracking Fair

Product Performance

Bulk rock salt provides adequate, economical performance at temperatures between 20°F and 32°F. As temperatures drop below freezing, its ice-melting performance slows substantially. It is most frequently used as de-icer for parking lots and vehicle traffic areas. Compared to other ice melt products, rock salt has limited effectiveness at temperatures below 20°F.

Bulk rock salt is the most popular ice melter due to the fact that it is also the least expensive of all ice melt products. Rock salt is 95-97% sodium chloride.


  • Inexpensive


  • Melts effectively only to 20°F
  • Greater risk of concrete damage