About AgSalt Processing LLC

Dalen Grove, Doug Fuhrman, Merle and Amy Herr

Dalen Grove

Sales Manager

Doug Fuhrman

Plant Manager

Merle Herr


Amy Herr

Accounts Manager

Our premium brand is TruMelt. We provide five blends—TruMelt Halite, TruMelt 3%, TruMelt 10%, TruMelt 12% and TruMelt 20%. We specialize in providing distributors with premium ice melters while protecting customers' concrete surfaces and turf. We are true to our brand name, TruMelt. We tell the truth and provide knowledge and education about how ice melters works.

AgSalt is a small family business, owned and operated by three partners and a team of dedicated employees.

Core Values:

  • Excellence: We produce top-quality ice melt blends for the distributors serving customers that use both economic and high-end ice melters.
  • Education: We empower distributors with educational support and knowledge about how ice melt works and their limitations.
  • Availability and Service: We warehouse large reserves of our TruMelt blends to ensure that our distributors have adequate supply of product for market demands.

Delivery of product is available by request